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Computify's mission statement


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Computify's mission statement

Our Mission: Reducing Server Fees for Developers and Businesses One Server at a Time

At Computify, our mission is to empower developers, engineers and businesses with innovative tools designed to optimise their code, streamline operations, and revolutionise the way businesses utilise their server resources. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously research and implement advanced algorithms and techniques, ensuring that our tools provide the most effective code optimisation strategies.

Our mission is to empower the tech community, fostering innovation and efficiency in every line of code, and enabling businesses to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow. We understand the challenges faced by today's tech professionals in balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to developing cutting-edge solutions that not only enhance the performance of software applications but also significantly reduce server usage, leading to substantial savings in server costs for businesses of all sizes.

Our Story: Empowering Innovation Through Optimised Coding and Computing

In the heart of a university project, where creativity meets the constraints of real-world resources, the seed of Computify was sown. The story begins with our founder, Abdurrahman Lleshi, a passionate developer on the verge of realising his dream project: an intricate optimised UNet model for text to image models of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, the harsh reality of limited server resources threatened to shatter his aspirations. The servers and Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) he had access to were plagued by low memory, insufficient space, and inadequate CPU power, rendering his complex models unexecutable. Faced with this challenge, Abdurrahman embarked on a mission to find a solution, a journey that ultimately gave birth to Computify.

Driven by sheer determination and a hunger for innovation, Abdurrahman set out to optimise his code, transforming intricate algorithms into streamlined masterpieces. Through painstaking efforts and ingenious problem-solving, he not only salvaged his university project but also stumbled upon a groundbreaking idea. The realisation that optimised code could bridge the gap between ambitious projects and limited server resources sparked the vision for Computify.

Today, Computify stands as a testament to Abdurrahman's resilience and ingenuity. Fueled by his own experience, he is dedicated to developing cutting-edge tools that empower developers and businesses worldwide. Computify is not merely a software suite or a company that is offering business solutions; it embodies the spirit of overcoming challenges and turning obstacles into opportunities. By harnessing the power of code optimisation, we are reshaping the landscape of computing, enabling developers to run resource-intensive applications seamlessly, and organisations to significantly reduce server compute, ultimately saving substantial fees.

At Computify, our story is a testament to the power of innovation born from necessity. We continue to pave the way for a future where computational limitations no longer hinder groundbreaking ideas, where developers are unrestricted in their creativity, and where businesses can thrive without the fear of overwhelming server costs. Join us as we empower the world to dream big, code efficiently, and achieve the extraordinary.

Achieving Our Mission: The Computify Approach

At Computify, our mission to empower developers and engineers with tools for optimised code and reduced server usage is not just a vision—it's a tangible goal we actively pursue. We believe in a comprehensive approach that combines innovative techniques and best practices to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in every line of code. Here’s how we plan to achieve our mission:

  1. Precision in Code Compilation: We recognise that the foundation of optimised code lies in the meticulous compilation process. By understanding the intricacies of each programming language and harnessing the power of appropriate data types, we ensure that the code runs efficiently. Through careful analysis and optimisation of variables and data structures, we maximise the utilisation of available resources, minimising wastage and enhancing overall performance.

  2. Simplifying Complexity: We advocate for simplicity as a cornerstone of our approach. Complex code is not only challenging to maintain but also demands more server resources. By encouraging developers to keep their code as simple and straightforward as possible, we help them achieve efficiency without compromising functionality. Our tools provide insights and suggestions, guiding developers towards elegant solutions that are easy to understand, modify, and optimise.

  3. Eliminating Redundancies: Unnecessary computations can be a drain on server resources. Computify employs intelligent algorithms to detect and remove redundant operations, ensuring that every computation serves a purpose. By eliminating superfluous calculations, we significantly reduce CPU usage, allowing applications to run smoothly on servers with varying capacities.

  4. Smart Data Management: Caching frequently used data and optimising data retrieval processes are crucial steps in reducing server workload. Computify’s algorithms identify patterns and usage trends within applications, enabling developers to implement efficient caching mechanisms. By accessing cached data instead of repeatedly fetching information from databases, we minimise unnecessary input/output operations, conserving both time and server resources.

  5. Harnessing Efficient Algorithms: We understand that the choice of algorithms can drastically impact computational efficiency. Computify provides developers with insights into the most efficient algorithms for specific tasks. By guiding developers towards optimal algorithmic solutions, we ensure that applications perform tasks with minimal computational overhead, leading to significant reductions in server usage.

Computify CLI

Computify CLI is a command-line tool that helps developers optimise their code, deploy their software and reduce server usage. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool that can be integrated into any development environment. Computify CLI is designed to be a developer's best friend, providing insights and suggestions to help them write efficient code. It is a powerful tool that can be used to optimise code for any programming language, including Python, Java, C++, and more.

Computify CLI window

Computify UI (Coming Soon)

Computify UI is an application that will help developers optimise their code, deploy and monitor server usage, set limits and more. Computify UI is designed to be a developer's best friend, providing insights and suggestions to help them write efficient code. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool.

As a software engineer, I know how important it is to write efficient code. I also know that it can be challenging to find the time and resources to optimise your code. That's why I created Computify. It's a tool that helps developers write efficient code, deploy their software, and monitor server usage. It's easy to use and integrates seamlessly into any development environment. I hope you'll give it a try! Once we release :)

Abdurrahman L. - Founder, Engineer, Developer avatar

Abdurrahman L. - Founder, Engineer, Developer

Our Future Features

  1. Code Optimisation: Computify will provide developers with insights into their code, highlighting areas that can be optimized. It identifies redundant operations, unnecessary computations, and inefficient algorithms, enabling developers to streamline their code and reduce server usage.

  2. Code Deployment: Computify will allow developers to deploy their code to any server with a few simple commands. It automatically detects the server's specifications and optimises the code accordingly, ensuring that it runs smoothly on any server. The server provided by Computify will be everyday providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc. but also servers proved across other providers to make sure your getting every bang for bucks.

  3. Server Usage Reduction: Computify will help developers reduce server usage by optimizing their code and deploying it to servers with the appropriate specifications. It also provides insights into the most efficient algorithms for specific tasks, enabling developers to implement optimal solutions that minimize computational overhead.

  4. Server Monitoring: Computify will allow developers to monitor their server usage in real-time, providing insights into CPU usage, memory usage, and more. It will also provide alerts when the server reaches a certain threshold, enabling developers to take action before it's too late.

  5. Server Limits: Computify will allow developers to set limits on their server usage, ensuring that they don't exceed their budget.

  6. Multiple Server Options: Computify will provide developers with multiple server options and guide which server to choose that best suits their needs. It will also provide insights into what GPU, CPU, RAM, and other specifications are best for their code.

  7. Utilising AI/ML: Computify will utilise AI/ML to provide developers with useful information about their code, including insights into the most efficient algorithms for specific tasks. It will also provide suggestions on how to optimize their code, enabling them to write efficient code without compromising functionality.

  8. Serverless: Computify will allow developers to deploy their code to serverless environments, enabling them to run their applications without worrying about server management. It will also provide insights into the most efficient algorithms for specific tasks, enabling developers to implement optimal solutions that minimise computational overhead.

As of now, we are working with businesses who are not tech-savvy to optimise their environments and streamline their work onto the cloud. This way Computify can raise funds to build the UI and the rest of the features. We believe that this is the best way to go about it as we can build as we go and make sure that we are building the right thing for the right people.

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